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Eleanor White's Web site is a current Government crime (and vigorously denied), (historically often by non-governmental institutions on board cover) that began in the 1950s as COINTELPRO and MK-Ultra. Names of keys were abandoned, but has never stopped the activity. The crime, which documents here is a literal secret war against the citizens of shadow Governments that have seen Governments. This secret war work as a cross between illegal militia style sought revenge by rich and powerful criminal rehabilitation and contract. Pain-MC, originally founded to survive mind control experiments, has identified another survivor of the other involuntary experiences. Include these survivors, children, prisoners, mentally leave and military personnel and their families-who freely reality tv mind control can give their consent. For the survivors of torture, ritual abuse, mind control and their allies. A non-profit organization created to support the healing of adult survivors of ritual abuse of widows. We are an organization of truly base entirely by contributions and donations for support. We do not accept federal funds, State or private. We breed and Bysurvivors and their allies. Psychiatrist and San Diego is dedicated to Dr. Ellen Lacter with a website, the diagnosis and treatment of victims of ritual abuse (SRA) Satanic mind control. Many great articles and news about seminars and conferences for medical professionals and victims of abuse. Roger Tolces is the site. Relationship of victims is very useful. This article is about electronic harassment. I heard that Roger occurs for implants. This site contains information on the technologies of surveillance and harassment of advanced satellite that secret agencies of Government unions and organized crime are at your disposal. By Paul Baird. A Web site, a description of the current secret epidemic 24 day hours on 24 harassment of citizens continue, since all government agencies and non-governmental organizations on human rights decide instead to obey her mandates look away. This page collects information about this endless torture to try and proven effective to fight to expose and put an end to these crimes. No web site, which is used by victims, but by developing technology that many victims feel against them. A page of eye aperture, including publications of the section. .