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Queen of Deccan, 'Oxford of the East' and the capital of the culture of the State of Maharashtra, Pune is a city with a future that promises, as interesting as his story. Real estate in Pune increase has marked with the demand that the strong growth in the country's urban centers. Government and the private sector and the research institutes and manufacturing - and pillars are the automotive industry, to support the economy of Pune. The first hotspot of real was estate, with the rapid growth of the industrial sector in Pune. Valerio group definitely left a trail of glory in Pune agent real estate segment. History: Prominence is the ultimate goal of Valerio. Since its inception in 1991 to Pune characterizes the brand in real estate. The limitations of the Organization, geduempelt rooms to realize the dreams of their customers in the construction of the kind of life for customers. Management is supposed to establish a solid beachhead employees tremendously committed to the segment of the property broker roots under the skilful direction. Trust and satisfaction of the Valerio group tried fervently a niche for itself in the industry with emphasis on quality. The organization points to mindspace realty good live and spaces that are affordable. Emphasis on the construction of a relationship of trust with its clients, company really tried to exceed your expectations in all areas of business. The company has successfully completed the first of many projects that the significant monuments in the vote have become positions. Regie: Sanjay M. Jean-DirectorSpeciality: CommercialResidential,,.