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Support, our 2015 2015 links option, Britain can go to vote in the elections for the next Government. This is our opportunity to make sure that those of us who live with mental health problems and the services that we need support. > We unite, take action today. States unmanifested, a series of unique travel audiovisual meditation sessions, to the knowledge of serious researchers and for those who want to experience a certain peace. Breath of the universe and the breakdown of reality are an expression of the psychedelic alternative reality striking, waking again Hypersensory perception. Meeting of stimulation of brain waves of extreme relaxation and meditation. A meditation audiovisual session 60 min with gifts audio stimulation of the Alpha Theta brainwaves, binaural beats. This video was developed to new experiences of harmony and awaken the imagination, beauty, relaxation raise your clairvoyant and possibly change your sense, bring into a State of deep relaxation meditation. Designed for meditation, focusing on tv, monitors, multimedia glasses or considered as a projection on a screen or on the ceiling. In the creative process of this session, the artists explore the similarities between distance Visual and auditory phenomena. In order to improve the experience of meditation was certain focal techniques to make the illusion of depth, so that the viewer can enjoy a 3D stereoscopic effect without glasses. Meeting of stimulation of brain waves of extreme relaxation and meditation. A session of stereoscopic audiovisual meditation 60 min where binaural sounds like a combination of stimulation alpha and theta brain waves intense presents with stimulators subliminal Visual 3D Anaglyph. Help develop feeling PSI ability to the public to the sensations, which are not normally visible in everyday life. Theoretically this connection a higher level of dialed calls often when we experience something unique, something that each kind now our meditation sessions may experience. (Just an idea) 3D Anaglyph can appear on each monitor or projection screen-extremely large or small. Anaglyph 3D glasses (red and blue) are included. Recital of the Buddhist teachings, nothing to describe what the words reflect the true understanding of the higher planes of existence. Lyrics and I thought that that would lead to the knowledge of lighting. There are several sessions of meditation based on a hypnotists. Hypnotic words can a hyper statements positive and receptive awareness, get, that can really improve your life. We close our session of meditation, words, images or sounds which gave rise to a tendency to all calls in your mind. Only through the retirement of the spirit, composed by the thought of a muffler, in the informal sector, without feeling any connection it can become a reality, you mind reality password will discover the true nature of reality. BinauralFX meditation sessions will help you recognize your mind to explore and unleash your hidden talents, bring the Hypersensory perception, which, in the end, the spirit continues to develop. Our stereoscopic stimulators audiovisual, the combination of the surreal digital art and pulses of light at certain frequencies binaural psychoacoustic phenomenon soundscapes and training. With our formula, we can trigger a meditative state, deeply in a very short time. Our work is actually a form of art Branewave. Game with brain waves, phase, frequency and amplitude, how to play the journey of a composer with a note - take is to discover the intangibles. Surreal animations will transform your educated brain and helps you to focus your attention on the inner experience. His vision, in the Center is presented by the reality of many besides the virtual in the same time of the Ayahuasca, stereoscopic 3D experience to arouse new emotions and opens your mind to the perceptions. Bifocal denunciation of separate time warned same micro framework Sekunden sees that each eye would be an extra dimension in the alternate reality. Reflect on the past without the aid of modern technology requires years of practice, it can be found at Branewaves, our meditation sessions considerably accelerates the process. Break of reality - an experience beyond it, that you could imagine. I discovered a new way of perceiving me, and I have a new meaning, one well more than physical reality. It is a particular need to see, that they are ready for those! But Eugeniy, Ukraine. Telepathy is considered relatively safe, with the exception of the following persons: epilepsy; Pregnant; Who uses a pacemaker; Who is prone to cramps; or to those people sensitive to light. Not been considered carefully the impact of this video. If your experience becomes unpleasant when you see this video, pause, or stop. The authors are not responsible for anything that may lead to this product or even to hear someone or when someone heard in the purchase item. Authors not claimed in the product, we can help you with any kind of disease or problem of any kind. If you have health problems, consult your doctor. Use not with the unit or heavy machinery. .