Mind Bending Reality

Mind Reality

Solitaire is a reality show on Fox TV show, consisting of nine persons in one race against each other for a jackpot of $50. 000 voluntary support, analysis and stringent to explain that the possibility, as the only one earning money. Denied sleep, food and mind control victims, pain and other soul breaking experiments to see how much each can support. The most innovative aspect of this reality show is, they all try this just crosses. Located in the Octagon in the form of individual capsules do not have one, but themselves, to go for help or the company. The only interaction is the voice of Val. Val belongs not only to see the one voice computerized for the most part, each player takes his next task. Players can access the mind bending reality privacy in the bathroom, which is outside the capsule. However, you will need to go to the toilet, press a button on the TV as approval-Val to the left console. Bar of protein or health in the door dispenser food consists more information private as sleep is controlled by the value of food, pushed a tasteless. More players in their individual bags of solitary confinement, all via isolate access to any sense of time. Watches or clocks are not allowed. Temperature and lighting will also be regulated by the participant if there is night or day or the climate of the city. The concept of the program is to satisfy the curiosity of the Viewer. Participants of the break or force incredible, once referred to the measures of social routines and humanity have gone?Isolation means 4 solo ran the Fox reality 2006 TV station and ends on March 20, 2010 last season. 3-0 the previous season, 0 is always sent to Singapore. Fox has suspended its TV channel 29 March really fans of the series have 2010 to submit a query to another show of networks for new problems created issues. | More,.